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The first two documentaries by Samantha Comizzoli

Shoot – the film‘ (2013) and ‘israel – The Cancer‘ (2015), in one Dvd.


il-cancro-logoThe Israeli Nazi-style occupation of Palestine is revealed in its worst 
aspect: occupation of the mind. Just like cancer, it eats away slowly 
slowly, bit by bit at the people’s mind. This film attempts to explain 
the suffering of these lives under torture. It is divided into the 
stages of cancer: Carcinogenesis, Spread of tumour, Palliative care, Metastasis, Euthanasia, The end.

The euthanasia stage is added by the film-maker to describe a terminally 
ill person. Where there is no hope to freedom from suffering, this is 
the only way to get free from torture. The film includes images from real scenes of clashes in the West Bank of 
Palestine (a checkpoint in Nablus, Ofer prison, and Qalandiya checkpoint 
in Ramallah), interviews with participants of these images as well as 
those who have lived through the Second Intifada. At the request of 
their parents, some of the children victims of violence have their faces 
covered in the film. This film is a journey through the Palestinian mind, but also through 
the mind of the film-maker and the one this film is dedicated to, G.

Duration: 66 minutes
Shot in Palestine, the cities of Nablus and Ramallah and the village of 
Camera: Samantha Comizzoli, Simonetta Zandiri
Editing: Samantha Comizzoli
Poster graphics: Il Base


Shoot-BannerThis documentary was made with video camera and mobile phone footage 
during three months of activism for human rights that the film-maker 
spent in Palestine. It is a testimony to the non-violent Palestinian 
resistance against the crimes committed by Israel.



Duration: 77 minutes
Shot in Palestine, the cities of Jerusalem, Al Khalil (Hebron),
Ramallah and the villages of Kuffr Kaddum and Asira Al Qabilya

Camera: Samantha Comizzoli, Odai Qaddomi
Editing: Simonetta Zandiri
Poster graphic: Il Base


Dual layer Dvd – 143 minutes

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