Stay Human | The Reading Movie

“If the first casualty of war is truth, our task as human beings is to seek freedom and justice, to exhume and serve it in the most indigestible manner for world public opinion”

- Vittorio Arrigoni (1975 – 2011)

“The movie designed by Renzi and Incorvaia, does not comply with the familiar genres of academic experimentation; it is perhaps more evocative of Straub’s epic magic or, more appropriately maybe, of the poetic/filmic avant-garde works by the Lettrists, the Surrealists or the Situationists who have shattered forever the immaculate conception of the camera/cinema.”

“It is perhaps one of the few Situationist movies of the new Millennium one can speak about without having to rinse off the mouth with soap. It is a potlatch (sumptuary gift) imposing rigour, discretion, nobility of fruition and utilises austerity, manner, style for the sake of the temperance (the eternity) of the instant.”

- Pino Bertelli